Tips for braising

Tips for braising

Braising (from the French word, “braiser”) is combination cooking using both dry and moist methods.

It sounds complicated but actually it’s a very simple, hands-off way to impress everyone.
And a great way to take advantage of the cheaper cuts of meat like: beef ribs, lamb shoulder, chuck steak, gravy beef, beef cheek, pork and chicken Maryland etc and have them come out tasting amazing.

  • First fry the meat at a high temperature to brown it (this adds flavour and seals in the juices)
  • Put the meat in a covered pot or casserole dish that has a lid to seal it
  • Add your combination of garlic, herbs, onions, vegetables chopped up
  • Add some liquid such as wine, stock or water – not too much but enough to allow the meat to stay moist throughout the cooking time
  • Add seasoning, salt and pepper etc
  • Put the lid on and cook at a low temperature on the cook-top or in the oven until the meat is falling apart and delicious.

Braising is so easy to get right and you’ll make some of the most nutritious, memorable family meals without much effort.
And its a clever way to cook if people are coming over, because it leaves you free to do other things.

Results may vary.