Recipes: Christmas

Christmas ham

Apple Cider Glazed Christmas Ham

Ham is good but with an added homemade glaze it is great!
Bushflower Honey Glazed Turkey Buffé, Wild Rice and Pomegranate Salad

Bushflower Honey Glazed Turkey Buffé, Wild Rice and Pomegranate Salad

A perfect blend of classic technique, great colours, and fresh light tastes.
Beef Eye Fillet

Châteaubriand Eye Fillet

Named after the 19th century author Francois Chateaubriand, this is a special-occasion dish guaranteed to wow!
duck stuffing

Christmas Duck Stuffing

Duck is always special! To make it more so for Christmas, serve it with this lovely stuffing.
Christmas Turkey

Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings

Put the effort in for this perfect turkey for your family Christmas.
Classic Christmas Turkey with Eggnog Stuffing, Walnut Potato Salad

Classic Christmas Turkey with Eggnog Stuffing, Walnut Potato Salad

Eggnog, nuts and a classic potato salad. Worthy as a classic!
Classic Roast Chicken

Classic Roast Chicken

Our step-by-step guide to a classic roast chicken.
pork leg roast

Crackled Pork Leg with Apple Sauce Gravy

Sweet apples boost the flavour in this yummy roast pork dish.
Pork Shoulder

Crackling Pork Shoulder Roast with Apple Sauce

Cut the hard work out of roast pork with this recipe for success!
Pork Roast

Crackling Rolled Pork Leg Roast

It may take a little while to make but it certainly doesn't take long to eat! This is a perfect dinner for Christmas!
Pork Belly

Crispy Roast Pork Belly with Sweet Orange Vinegar

A sweet take on a traditional recipe will have your taste-buds tingling in delight
festive cakes pandoro and panettone

Festive Cakes

Top off your Christmas feast with a Panettone or Pandoro - unbelievably moist and fresh and imported straight from Italy!
Festive Duck

Festive Duck with Raspberry and Thyme served with Pomegranate Sauce

Try something different this Christmas and go for a delicious duck recipe.
Beef Roast

Herb Crusted Beef Weber Roast

Freshen up a classic Beef Roast
eye fillet

Indonesian Style Eye Fillet

This juicy eye fillet also has a knock out Gado Gado salad to try!
Lamb Leg

Lamb Leg Roast

Classic Sunday Roast, get it on early for extra tenderness. (GF)
Honey Roasted Lamb Leg

Maple and Honey Roasted Easy Carve Leg of Lamb

A perfect roast for any special occasion or holiday feasting!
glazed ham

Marmalade & Maple Glazed Ham

A beautiful christmas ham meal idea, sure to impress the family!

Pastizzi and Spiced Tomato Dipping Sauce

Quick and easy pastry nibble with savoury dipping sauce
Perfect Roast Beef

Perfect Roast Beef

A simple way to roast beef to ensure its super succulent every time.
Pork Roast

Pork Loin Roast & Crackling

Always a pleaser to get good crackling at christmas time

Prawns with Thai Dipping Sauce

For a delightfully quick and tasty way to enjoy prawns over the festive season!
Rib-Eye Roast

Rib-Eye Roast with rich red wine gravy

Getting the gravy right is easy with this red wine addition
Roast Lamb with Roasted Zucchinis, Squash & Capsicum

Roast Lamb with Roasted Zucchinis, Squash & Capsicum

A tasty favourite that will keep them coming back for more!
Roast Leg of Pork with Crackling

Roast Leg of Pork with Crackling

Great dish for the whole family!
turkey buffe

Roast Turkey Buffé with Nut Stuffing

A turkey buffe is perfect if you prefer white meat. Served with the Nut Stuffing this is sure to become a festive favourite.
roasted aromatic duck

Roasted Aromatic Asian Style Duck

An aromatic twist to classic duck roast
Roasted Fillet of Beef

Roasted Eye Fillet of Beef with Bearnaise Sauce

Impress friends and family with this delicious roasted fillet of beef - perfect for a party!
Roasted Rosemary Chicken

Roasted Rosemary Chicken

Juicy, tender roasted chicken recipe.
Rosemary Pork Leg Roast

Rosemary Pork Leg Roast

Delicious pork roast for the whole family!
Salt Crusted Pork Roast with Gravy

Salt Crusted Rolled Pork Leg Roast

A delicious Pork Roast perfect to serve for Easter!
Crispy pork belly

Sarah Tiong’s Crispy Pork Belly Roast with Onion Chutney

A delicious no-fail pork belly roast with the perfect crispy crackling and delicious, easy red onion chutney!
Split Pea & Green Pea Smoked Ham Soup

Split Pea & Green Pea Smoked Ham Hock Soup

One of the all-time favourite soups, especially great for a cold winter's day.
spring rolls

Spring Rolls and Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Easy and tasty nibbles for when unexpected guests arrive.

Tips for the perfect Christmas Turkey

Here's our ultimate guide to how to serve up the perfect Christmas Turkey!
Tips on how to get perfectly crispy pork crackling!

Tips to get crispy pork crackling!

Easy to follow guide on how to get crispy pork crackling every time.
Traditional Roast Lamb

Traditional Roast Lamb

Nothing beats the comfort of a Sunday roast!
Lamb Roast

Whole Lamb Leg Roast

Easy carve lamb roast with roasted vegetables
roast duck

Whole Roast Duck with Apples and Cider

Duck, a great alternative for special occasions, teamed here with apples & cider
Yearling Beef Rib-Eye Roast with Mushrooms, Mash & Gravy

Yearling Beef Rib-Eye Roast with Mushrooms, Mash & Gravy

Sunday dinner for family or friends is sorted with this easy and delicious recipe!