Chicken salad rice paper wraps

Chicken salad rice paper wraps

Serves: 8 | Preparation Time: 20 mins | Cooking time: 20 mins


2 Tasman fresh chicken breast fillets
sea salt flakes
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 Lebanese cucumber, halved and seeded
1 medium carrot, peeled
1 red capsicum
8 rice paper sheets
1 cup iceberg lettuce, torn
½ bunch chives, cut into 12cm lengths
2 tbsp Hoisin sauce
1 avocado, sliced into 8 wedges
8 mint leaves
sweet chilli sauce and lime wedges, to serve


  1. Season the fresh chicken breast fillets with salt. Heat the olive oil in a medium frying pan, then cook the chicken for 15 minutes, turning several times, until firm to touch. Cut into fine slices.
  2. Cut the cucumber, red capsicum and carrot into fine batons. Dip a rice paper sheet into cold water for 10 seconds, then drain well. Place on a workbench and top with lettuce, chives, cucumber, capsicum,carrot, chicken and hoisin sauce in a pile at the near edge, with some of the ingredients protruding over the right hand side. Arrange an avocado slice on top, then a mint leaf on the far edge.
  3. Fold in the left side, then beginning at the near edge, roll up tightly, so that the ingredients are seen on the right hand side. Set aside for 5 minutes, then serve with sweet chilli dipping sauce and lime wedges.
Results may vary.