Cheesy pan-fried corned beef silverside sandwich

Corned beef silverside

Serves: 4 | Preparartion Time: 10mins | Cooking Time: 15mins


180g Tasman corned beef silverside (sliced)
1 unsliced multigrain bread loaf
80g butter, softened
125g gruyere or tasty cheese, thinly sliced (see note)
⅓ cup tomato chutney
10g baby spinach leaves

  1. Cut eight 2cm-thick slices from bread loaf. Spread 1 side of each slice with butter. Place 4 slices, buttered side down, on a board.
  2. Top each with cheese, corned beef, 1 tablespoon of tomato chutney and spinach. Season with salt and pepper. Top with remaining bread, buttered side up.
  3. Heat a large, heavy-based frying pan over low heat (see tip). Place 2 sandwiches in pan. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes or until bases are golden. Carefully turn over. Cover the pan (this helps cheese melt). Cook for a further 3 minutes or until bases are golden. Remove to a plate. Repeat with remaining sandwiches. Cut sandwiches in half and serve.


Gruyere is a 'holey' cheese similar to Swiss or emmental, with a pale yellow colour and sweet, rich, nutty flavour. Most notably used in fondues, it's also great in toasted sandwiches, quiches and tarts.
Make sure the pan is not too hot, or bread will brown before the cheese melts.

Results may vary.