Vegie pattie and avo breaky salad

Vegie and avo breaky salad

Serves: 1  |  Preparation Time: 10mins  |  Cooking Time: 15mins


2x Freshwater Foods fresh vegie burgers (available at Tasman Butchers) 
¼ Avocado, sliced 
6x Cherry tomatoes, sliced 
Mixed greens, for salad base
Salt and chilli flakes and to sprinkle
Optional lemon or lime to squeeze


  1. Warm vegie burgers either in a non-stick fry pan on a low to medium heat for 3 minutes each side, or in a sandwich press until it gets a nice golden and darker colour on the outside. 
  2. Slice avocado & cherry tomatoes and place on top of mixed greens in bowl.
  3. Lay veggie burgers on top. Sprinkle over preferred amount of salt and chilli flakes. 
  4. Optional squeeze of lime on top, and enjoy! 

    Results may vary.