Fresh Meat Packs

Come & grab a meat pack, or order one today!

Quality & Freshness

All our meat packs are made from fresh premium quality cuts and packed to order in store.

Value for money

Whether you're entertaining, gifting, meal prepping or simply feeding the family, our versatile and perfectly proportioned packs are easy and convenient, offering real value-for-money. With the prices of our Meat Pack range frozen since November 2023, you can buy in bulk and now save over 10%!


Beef up your fundraising game with our incredible meat packs and watch the donations roll in! It's the perfect prize to give away and excite the crowd. They're just what you need to make your next fundraising event sizzle!

How to order

Just ask for one at the meat counter or place an order to pick up at your convenience. To place an order, simply call or email your preferred store.
All meat packs are packed and ready to go in a Tasman Cooler Bag, free of charge!

Tasman Butchers: Budget Meat Pack

Budget Pack - $57.00/pk

  • Pork Shoulder Roast 1.5kg
  • Farm88 Lamb BBQ Chops (6pk)
  • Farm88 Regular Beef Mince 1kg
  • Tasman Traditional BBQ Sausages 22pk
  • Hazeldenes Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets (skin on) (approx. 4)
Tasman Butchers: BBQ Variety Meat Pack

BBQ Variety Pack - $78.00 /pk

  • Farm88 Lamb BBQ Chops 6pk
  • Farm88 Yearling Beef Round Steak (approx. x2)
  • Tasman Tuscan Style Beef Burgers 4pk
  • Tasman Gourmet Sausages (assorted flavours*) 6pk
  • Authentic European Cevapcici 7pk
  • Pork Spare Ribs 6pk
  • Fresh Chicken Kebabs (marinated* or plain) 10pk
  • Fresh Chicken Wing Nibbles (marinated* or plain) 1kg

* Select your choice of flavour when ordering

Tasman Butchers: Family Meat Pack

Family Pack - $86.00 /pk

  • Farm88 Whole Leg of Lamb 2.2kg
  • Farm88 Lamb Loin Chops 9pk
  • Farm88 Regular Beef Mince 1.2kg
  • Hazeldenes Fresh Whole Chicken 2.2kg
  • Hazeldenes Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets (skin on) (approx. x4)
  • Fresh Chicken Breast Schnitzels (assorted flavours*) 4pk

* Select your choice of flavour when ordering

Tasman Butchers: Premium Meat Pack

Premium Pack - $112.00 /pk

  • Farm88 Whole Leg of Lamb 2.2kg
  • Farm88 Lamb Loin Chops 9pk
  • Farm88 Yearling Beef Porterhouse Steak (approx x4)
  • Farm88 Premium Beef Mince 1.2kg
  • Pork Loin Chops (rind on) (approx. x4)
  • Hazeldenes Fresh Chicken Thigh Fillets (skin off) (approx. 8)

Quality Guarantee

At Tasman Butchers, our meat is 100% Australian grown and is sourced directly from local farmers we know and trust, which not only brings you fresher meat, but by cutting out the middleman, it also means better value for you.

With all meat delivered fresh daily to our stores where it is prepared and packed on site, we bring our customers the widest range and freshest quality meat, straight from paddock to plate.

All meat packs are individually prepared to order. No substituting of items allowed, unless a particular component is unavailable, in which case a suitable alternative will be provided.