Tasman Butchers Exclusives

TMFM Exclusive Products
Tasman Butchers has a range of exclusively imported quality Italian products, ranging from passata sauce to gourmet antipasto and vegetable pates.

Products that can only be found at Tasman Butchers include:

La Mediterranea


  • La Mediterranea Diced Tomatoes
  • La Mediterranea Passata Sauce
  • La Mediterranea Whole Tomatoes


Spighe di Campo range 


  • Spighe di Campo Fusili
  • Spighe di Campo Linguine
  • Spighe di Campo Penne Ziti
  • Spighe di Campo Penne Ziti Rigati
  • Spighe di Campo Rigatoni
  • Spighe di Campo Spaghetti
Please note that some products are not available in every store. Please check availability with the store of your choice.