Tasman Butchers has an extensive range of premium 100% Australian fresh and frozen turkey products.

Fresh Turkey 

 Available year round:

  • Turkey Drumsticks
  • Turkey Thighs
  • Turkey Wings

 Available in December only:

  • Turkey Breast Roll
  • Turkey Breast Supreme
  • Turkey Buffe
  • Turkey Classic Half Breast
  • Turkey Portions 
  • Turkey Smoked Portions
  • Turkey Smoked Roll 
  • Turkey Tenderloins 
  • Whole Turkeys

Frozen Turkey 

 Check with your local Tasman Butchers store for availability of the following during the year:

  • Easy Carve Buffe
  • Self Basting Turkeys
  • Turkey Basted Buffe
  • Turkey Breast Roasts
  • Turkey Thigh Roasts
  • Whole Free Range Turkeys
  • Whole Turkeys
Please note that some products are not available in every store. Please check availability with the store of your choice.